If you’re reading this, you are either lost or have found your way to The Average Reviewer. If you are still reading… again I say, welcome.

But first… an introduction. My name is Blake Jarvis and I love the entertainment that makes up our modern world. There is rarely an hour in the day, that goes by where I’m not thinking of the arts. The films of the past, the present and the future; and the day-to-day process that makes up each and every film currently in production.

But this passion of mine, is not just focused on the big screen. No. The small screen also occupies my mind. The many (and many) shows that are on my watchlist in this premium era of Television that we are currently in. This and more are thoughts that are constant in my daily life.

So what makes The Average Reviewer different to all the other websites covering the vast and various means of entertainment? I don’t think there’s anything that will make us different but our hope is that as we grow and expand. That we become a source that you trust and visit on a regular basis. We have a long way to go, we’ll begin to shape ourselves over time, developing a look and substance that is uniquely our own.

We barely exist at this point, but we hope that in time, The Average Reviewer will grow into something that you feel makes up part of your internet routine. For now, we just want to begin to enter the fantastic world of the film and television industry.

Thank you kindly,

Blake Jarvis