Reviewed by: Blake Jarvis (2017)

Trailer Release Date: June 15th, 2017


Daddy’s Home 2 is the surprise sequel to the successful 2015 film, which reunited the successful comedy duo of Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell, from The Other Guys.

When it was announced, it seemed to be a cash grab for a sequel with little direction. At the end of Daddy’s Home, we saw the appearance of John Cena, the WWE wrestler who is emerging in more and more comedies, and doing a very good job so far. This led to an obvious story if they wanted to make a sequel.



This trailer is simple and fantastic. The trailer could be considered a teaser, but its perfect for what it intends to do. If you don’t like Will Ferrell’s brand of humour, you won’t like this. Simple. And you might be a little half hearted about the idea of another Daddy’s Home. I think Daddy’s Home was a solid 3 (out of 5) but there are definitely a lot of other Will Ferrell movies I would put above it. And as such, why I was planning to watch this film, I didn’t have a strong interest in it.

However, the writers have done something very smart. They’ve taken the fathers of the main lead characters that were contesting for the attention of their children in the first film (Wahlberg and Ferrell), and implemented them into the story. Mel Gibson and John Lithgow join the film as Wahlberg and Ferrell’s fathers respectively and they add a new layer to what should be a fun film.

Both Mel Gibson and John Lithgow look like they are going to have a lot of fun in their respective roles. Wahlberg’s character has become a more approachable, comfortable character while Gibson has definitely taken over his role from the first film. He will be the straight man, where everyone around him isn’t good enough for him and he feels like he is the coolest man in the room. Lithgow looks like he is going to enjoy playing off everyone as this much loving, slightly nerdy character. A perfect representation of Will Ferrell’s some times dopey but good hearted characters.

The trailer did what it needed too without dumb jokes and also it didn’t seem like it gave away all the jokes, which most modern trailers have a habit of leaving that feeling after viewing. It feels like there’s plenty of content here to work with and laugh to. Wahlberg – Ferrell – Gibson – Lithgow (and potentially John Cena) working off each other is a very solid cast.

I give the trailer a 4/5. This was not aiming to be Logan (one of the best trailers in recent memory), nor it should have been. But it did its job, it increased my interest in the film, it also peaked my interest again for Will Ferrell’s unrelated comedy, due out in roughly 2 weeks from today (The House).

4 stars (out of 5)